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Hardscape Products


PatioScapes is a division of SalCorp Landscaping that specializes in designing and installing hardscapes to enhance properties in Walpole, MA and surrounding towns. Our experienced hardscaping team designs and builds beautiful and functional patios, firepits, retaining walls, walkways, driveways, and special features. Our professional crews can create a beautiful new landscape or enhance an existing one which will increase the usability and value of the property.


We offer a variety of hardscaping products to fit your needs.

Services Include

  • General site work and grading
  • Planning and development
  • Architectural design
  • Hardscaping – Patios, Walkways, Firepits, Driveways, Retaining Walls, Gardens, Waterfalls, Ponds, Masonry, Stairs and More…


At PatioScapes, we became a Certified Unilock Contractor because we wanted to combine our skills and experience with the proven quality and beauty of over 40 years of Unilock products.  During the training program you get to know the proper materials and applications for each product in a way that other landscapers or hardscapers simply could not know without frequently attending the program.  Essentially we are a partner with Unilock and that keeps us up to date on innovations which benefits our customers.

A superior locking paver for heavy duty applications.

In addition, certification means we are able to extend a 5 Year Warranty on materials.  A Unilock install by a non-certified installer does not offer this warranty.  By attending their program, Unilock is assured that we are doing the proper job on installs and as a result, you benefit if ever an issue occurs with a Unilock product.

Quality, beauty, variety and a warranty…Unilock and PatioScapes working together for you.

Every Unilock Product Is:

  • Colorfast
  • Slip Resistant
  • Resistant to Winter Salts
  • Resistant to Saltwater & Chlorine
  • Will not break down from oil or gas spills
  • Protected by Our 5 Year Warranty
  • Also Offers a transferable Lifetime Warranty w/ registration


We can use stone of all types to create patios, walls, walkways and more to give you the natural look you want for your outdoor space.  When working with stone it requires experience and spacial planning to create some thing that not only looks good but is built solid to withstand time and use.

There are many natural stones to choose from:

  • Cobble Stone
  • Flagstone
  • Blue Stone
  • Round Stone
  • Field Stone
  • Cultured Stone
  • And many more

From round stone of all sizes and colors to flat stones in a variety of shapes and colors, there’s a natural stone product to fit your needs for patio, walkway, walls and more to complete the outdoor space you desire


With its light weight, quick installation, small profile and consistency in design, a stone veneer finish may be just what you need to to create a new space or give a face-lift to an existing space.

There are many benefits to using stone veneer products for your next project.  Stone veneer is typically lighter in weight and fast to work with than other products.  Since they are manufactured you get more consistency with pattern, textures and colors than natural products.  In addition, stone veneer structures typically take up less of a footprint than other products.  This means you can create and outdoor kitchen with more under counter space than other building materials.

With the light weight of stone veneer it is ideal for use in situations where weight may cause an issue such as pillars on a deck.  It also can be ideal in situations where a solid foundation cannot be provided over the entire length of a wall or structure.  And stone veneer can be used to add a new look to an existing facade such as exposed cement foundation or deck footing.


Brick fits the classic or modern style while having a small footprint making it a very versatile product. Blocks can be used as structural support or as the finish product that comes in a wide variety of styles.

Bricks offer a traditional look but can also be modern to weathered just by choosing different brick materials.  The use of brick can be ideal when you need to create a wall or structure in a small space and still accommodate wiring or plumbing.  With its small footprint and solid final structure, brick can be ideal and any application including patios, walls, counters and facades.

Blocks typically refer to cement or other engineered products of any shape, size and color.  They can be used as the support for other materials or as the final product and fit well in patios, walls, walkways and just about anything else you can imagine.  Talk to us and we’ll guide you on which products will best fit your needs to get the desired final product of your dreams.


From crushed stone and pebbles to wood and iron,  we use a variety of products for both design and structure that add visual interest and give you the final outdoor space of your dreams.

Whether it’s crushed stone, river rock, boulders, sand, wood or metal, we can work with you to match your requests to a final products that will exceed your expectations.  Often the mixing of colors, sizes and materials can result in a final product that shows incredible style and personality.  We work with you to combine these materials into a final product you’ll enjoy for years to come.

When you combine products you create a scene.  From a patterned patio and wall with iron light posts that leads to a water feature splashing on to stone that vanishes into a dry bed of river rock…you are creating an experience every time you walk outside.  Let us use this wide array of materials to create the perfect outdoor space for you.